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Transcribing other instruments

I sent a student away last week with the challenge of transcribing a solo from an instrument other than his. In the spirit of things I agreed to do one too as can be seen below.

Transcribing an instrument other than your own, allows you to find new ways to maneuver the fretboard which likely do not feel comfortable or fit under typical fingerings routes. In doing so you'll develop technique, a deeper knowledge of the fretboard and also a begin to develop skills for arranging, where parts need to be reduced or fleshed out to suit the guitar.

I Haven't done many piano transcriptions, so was inspired to do so by Mark McKnight and his unbelievable Brad Mehldau transcription. This one is mostly a 'lines' affair but the timing, phrasing and shifting groupings in it were killer. Lots to steal!

Hope you enjoy this one, and that it inspires you to to spend some time with instruments other than your own!


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