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Upcoming Publications


Book Chapter - Degendering Jazz Guitar - Routledge


Book Chapter - Distorting Jazz Guitar: Distortion as Effect, Creative Tool and Extension of the Instrument in Perspectives on Music Production: Distortion in Production (Ed. A.Moore & G.Bromham). Routledge/Taylor and Francis

TBC book chapter in 21st Century Guitar (Ed. R.Perks & J.McGrath). Bloomsbury


Monograph – Kurt Rosenwinkle and the Crystallization of the Contemporary New York Jazz Guitar Scene – Oxford University Studies in Jazz Monograph Series


Conference Papers


Emulating Terror: Musical Interaction, Cohesion & Narrative Mirroring in David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch (2013) – Jazz and Cinema Conference


Implicitly Explicit – Applications of Improvisational Strategy for Music Pedagogy and Analysis (2014) ICMP research conference


Harmonic Orienteer – Michael Brecker’s use of Harmonic Superimposition (2014) London Pop Music Symposium – Goldsmiths/University of Westminster


Strategy in Jazz Improvisation: Modelling Generative Mechanisms in Contemporary Jazz Practice (2015) University of Surrey


Filling in the F Holes – A Topography of the Contemporary Jazz Guitar Scape (2016) – International Guitar Research Centre Conference


Harmonic Orienteers – John Coltrane, Michael Brecker and the Development of Harmonic Superimposition (2016) – University of Surrey


Navigating Jazz Improvisation – A New Model for Cognitive Strategy (2017)


Strategy Based Improvisation in Jazz Guitar– Post Vocabulary Approaches to Improvisation Analysis, Practice, and Pedagogy (2019) Hong Kong international guitar symposium/ international guitar research center conference.


Jazz in the Retrotopian age: Idealisation, Identity and Dogma  (2019)Artistic Jazz Research Symposium Graz University Austria


Binding Free Jazz: Preserving Meaning and Zeitgeist of the Free Jazz Movement in Film (2020) Documenting Jazz Conference - Birmingham City University


In-Progress Research


Django’s Dogma: A Case Study of Retronostalgia in the Gypsy Jazz Community - IASPM ‘Repeat’ Conference Antwerp (Oct 2020)


Implicitly Explicit: A Theoretical Modelling of the Cognitive Strategies and Processes in Jazz Improvisation Practice - University of Huddersfield Improvisation Conference


The 21st Century Jazz Guitar Scape: Topographies of Vocabulary, Technology, Community and Meaning - Australasian Jazz and Improvisation Research Network – University of Tasmania (June 2020)


Teaching Jazz Improvisation in the 21st Century: Strategy and Cognition - APME – Popular Music Education Conference – Edinburgh University


Distorting Jazz Guitar: Distortion as Effect, Creative Tool and Extension of the Instrument - IASPM LCM/University of West London


Outlier Taxonomy Detection Methodology for Jazz Vocabulary - 21st Century Guitar Conference - University of Lisbon (Nov 2020)


Enhanced pedagogy for jazz improvisation vocabulary acquisition: An experimental study (2021)


Django Meets Zappa (2021)

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