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Coquette A section - Adrien Moignard

Here's a transcription of Moignard's A section on Coquette. There's a bunch of interesting concepts to pull here. Firstly the chromatacism in the first couple of measures. I particularly like the focus on the #11 on beat two of the second measure. While it definitely has a more informed and almost bop like harmony to it, the phrasing with the triplet rests is what really grabs the attention here. It's hard to do well, especially when trying to place chord tones and chromatics appropriately, but should definitely be something you can take as a practice study.

Secondly, the use of Bm arpeggio over the Em7 is a good way of substituting something new for use over your normal ii chord. And as it's a fifth away it's quite an easy one to do on the guitar, when considering root positions on the 5th and 6th string.

The following motifs are quite 'gypsy' in construction and feel and serve as a good demonstration of how to keep a motif developing across a chord change. It's often too easy to get carried away with following the changes, when sometimes having an idea that can be developed across them can convey a deeper melodic awareness.


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