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Adrien Moignard lick from Coquette

I've been listening to and transcribing a lot of Adrien Moignard - He's an incredible player and brings many contemporary aspects to the gypsy style (i'll be covering his use of harmonic superimpostion inin a few posts time).

Here's a couple of great little phrases, which both work over domiant chords. It's taken from a solo over Coquette.

The first phrase is quite common vocabulary. It's quite positionally led too, and can be moved easily to any 'A shape' position. The phrase also works well over a Bm (again you could visualise this as 'E position') for ease of movement.

The second phrase is again typical - It features an altered phrase which widens in the second half of the bar, before finishing in a similar way to the first phrase. Using repetition like this can be a great way to develop your approach. Equally, both phrases follow a similar strategy - Long unbroken line (both triplet), followed by a antagonistic approach. Try to improvise using this approach - one bar unbroken dense rhythms, followed by another bar featuring a sparser approach. I'll be talking about improvisational strategies like this soon in a further series of lessons, so follow/subscribe etc!


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