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I regularly perform across the South East in various duo's, jazz orchestras, rock and jazz projects, function bands, theatre productions and also as a solo performer, Tom is a versatile player having played within many genres and settings including jazz, funk, rock, soul, fusion and classical, performing in many well-known venues for a variety of clients across the UK and Europe.

A few years ago, I was awarded a PhD in music from the University of Surrey for research which built a framework for understanding the cognitive processes jazz improvisers engage with during formatively and in expert performance settings. You can read more about
my research here. Academically, I'm really interested in: development of contemporary guitar styles, improvisational strategy, cognition and music, post-1960s jazz styles, analysis methodologies, development of electric guitar styles, jazz in film music, nostalgia in music, distortion, history and development of jazz styles, and various aspects of world music. I'm also very lucky to have spent time studying with Mike Outram, Giorgio Serci, Dave Kilminster, Stochello Rosenberg among others.


I've been teaching guitar for over a decade, and still teach students of all ages and abilities - I've always loved teaching and like to think I've helped quite a few on their journeys.


I've worked with various peripatetic companies and music services and privately, providing music lessons in schools, institutions, universities and privately. For the past 4 years, I've been a senior lecturer at the Academy of Contemporary Music, developing many aspects of their performance program, in addition to working as an associate for other UK higher education music departments. Some of my students have gone onto to fantastic things, performing all over the world, and continuing their studies at some of the UK's leading music conservatoires and colleges, some now holding teaching qualifications and positions of their own.

I'm always involved with lots of projects too.

Whether you are interested in guitar lessons, compositional commissions, need a guitarist for a project, need a performer for your event or even just have some interest in what I do,
please get in touch.

Interested in lessons? Find out more here.

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