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Guitar Lessons in Guildford now available - few spaces left! Get in touch now for a free consultation.

Boasting several years of professional tuition in many situations; groups, schools, individual, institutions, distance learning and community get playing projects as well as years of professional industry experience in a variety of different settings


Why learn with Tom?



Unique professional experience:


I perform regularly and I am engaged in many projects that span different genres and settings. As such my experiences often can help in helping you reach your goal, whether that's playing your first gig, composing your own music, preparing for heavy reading gigs, developing your own project, applying for music college, sitting grades, putting on concerts or simply learning AND performing (the bit that is often forgotten) your first tune.


in addition as a member of the board of examiners for the University of West London and the Registry of Guitar Tutors, students benefit from expert knowledge on how to best prepare for graded examinations, something that many other tutors cannot offer. Previous students successes include securing places on music degrees at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Trinity College of Music London, Farnham college and the prestigious Eton music scholarship. Lesson prices are competitive, fair and include discounts for block bookings.

I also currently hold a lecturing post at the Academy of Contemporary Music in addition to working as a freelance lecturer and associate for a number of other UK higher education institutions.


I'm still a student - we all are:


I have huge interest in how students learn and what the most effective ways to learn are, stemming from a need to be as efficient as possible in my own learning. To this end my my approach will help you learn to learn and focus on aspects such as tune memorisation, linking theory, advanced aural skills for working out tunes as you hear them, how to tailor your practice routine to make best use of your time. My lessons are tailored around the wants and needs of the individual student, in the same way I tailor my own practice to fit around the work I engage with.


Complete service:


While the lesson itself is a timetabled event, there will always be questions and queries you have along the way. To help with this here are a few things I offer that others may not:


Try a guitar - If you're new to it, and don't know wheter to take the plunge, you can still come along for an initial lesson and use an instrument here, after which I can help you choose your own.

Personalised lessons - Streamlined based on many years of development.

A huge library of over 100 gigabytes of lesson materials, including transcriptions, videos, diagrams, backing tracks and software.

Email service - If after your lesson you have a question, you don't have to wait. Having regular lessons with me means I'll respond as quickly as I can to any problem you're having and I'm always happy to help you work through it.


Digital integration - I now offer a system where all the material we use in lesson is then placed in student folder (accessible by internet), meaning all your material will be ready for you to use by the time you get home, or as we use it in the case of Skype. You'll never lose another piece of music again and will have a much tidier gig bag!

Discount - Reductions on website lesson packages prices for students who have in person lessons.

I am also accredited as a tutor, hold a full and current DBS check and have a number of qualifications, references and testimonials.

Above all lessons are fun and guarantee you will enjoy yourself, learn how to play the guitar in the way you want to and be ready to perform all your favourite songs and more.

What can you teach me?

First steps:

To begin with you can expect to be getting to grips with basic left and right hand techniques, chord shapes and progressions, as well developing rhythmic understanding, song form, developing a practice routing, music reading and aural skills among other aspects. I'm a firm believer that the music should come first, teaching you these aspects as tools develop for playing music. No exercise, scale or rudiment will be practiced unless it has a direct relevance to acheiving a goal or performing a song.  You will be playing music from the get go, and practice goals will be set around that.

Lessons can cover anything from rock pop and jazz, classical to world music, blues, funk and metal and anywhere in between. Within this everything from subject specific issues such as rhythm, harmony, technique and composition to repertoire development and learning your favourite songs as well as preparation for all graded syllabuses (Trinity, ABRSM, Guildhall, Rockschool, RGT) can be covered.




While you may or may not know which direction you would like to take, I can help cater to a specific goal, take you through a variety of different concepts and music, or help you work out which direction you would like to take.


If you think of a song you would like to learn on the way to your lesson, that's no problem, we can work it out and I can transcribe the material within the lesson.


Time is a big factor for many too. While some may have a good amount of time to set aside for practice, other's dont, the way we approach your lessons can reflect this. If you're happy with a fixed lesson slot that's fine or if you'd rather have a lesson full of lots of material for you to work on, every once in a while, that's fine too.




While my lessons can cover any aspect of contemporary or classical guitar, some of my specialisms include:


Developing and maintaining repertoire

Sight reading and chart interpretation for band

Blues and rock playing styles, repertoire and technique

Advanced electric guitar techniques

Traditional and contemporary jazz, gypsy jazz, fusion, bossa nova and latin

Contemporary music harmony and theory

Approaches to improvising - vocabulary, phrasing, communication

Approaches to accompaniment

Approaches to composition

Exam preparation



If you are a player looking for a specific aspect of tutition, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Not sure where to begin?


Initially I'd reccomend coming along for one lesson, to get a feel for it, with no obligation to continue. Lessons are at my home studio in Guildford, via skype or I occasionaly have slots for home visits (availability permitting).


While these things can help...You don't need a guitar. You don't need to know what you where you want to end up. You just need to have enthusiasm and be prepared put in practice where needed to develop your understanding and ability between lessons.


Fees can be paid lesson by lesson, or in advance as a block for a discount. Thinking of giving guitar lessons as a gift? Get in touch for special block gift prices.

Drop me a line here, to arrange a first lesson.


The bottom line?


I've taught, learned and been obsessed with the guitar for as long as I can remember moving through the role of teacher, performer and student and of from everything I've experienced it boils down to this: There is no other experience quite like the connectivity you get with music; It lets you express yourself, hear things, think and have fun in unique ways. I'm here to help  you engage with all of these aspects and guarantee you'll come away thinking about music and enjoying the your progress and development.


Tom Williams © 2018

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